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Bikube for solitære bier

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Kube utformet for å tiltrekke solitære bier. Et interaktivt insekt habitat konstruert i holdbart FSC tømmer med individuelle celleskuffer som kan åpnes for inspeksjon og / eller renhold.
Bikube for solitære bier
Forlag/produsentWildlife World

Disse enslige vennlige biene svermer ikke og er selskapelig og trygt å holde rundt barn og kjæledyr. Biene er naturlig tiltrukket av hull i trær og bikuben gir derfor biene et habitat som har blitt vanskeligere å finne i moderne hager.

Tilbehør til Bikube for solitære bier.
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An interactive solitary bee and insect habitat constructed in durable FSC timber with individual cell trays which can be opened for inspection and/or cleaning.

This unique solitary beehive is designed specifically to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason Bee, Leafcutter Bee and other solitary bees. These friendly bees do not swarm, are gregarious and safe around children and pets. The bees are naturally attracted to holes in wood and the Wildlife World solitary beehive provides habitat that has become harder to find in modern gardens.

Fascinating and great for education, the beehive is designed not only as a habitat, but to be easily dismantled to see the formation of small cells where the eggs are laid, or indeed where predators have been active.

Always a friend to the gardener, attracting solitary bees to the garden is not only safe, but beneficial to pollination of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Siting: Site in a visible warm place ideally oriented to face between southeast and south and to catch some sun. It is helpful to have soil nearby, and food sources such as flowers, orchards and fruit.


  • Interactive
  • Educational
  • Encourages beneficial solitary bees to the garden
  • Long-lasting
  • Manufactured from durable FSC timber

Nb. Solitary bees will often roost in this product during periods of cold weather and overnight. The product should not be dismantled at these times.

Important Information: These products are for wild creatures and as such, you should not expect immediate habitation. We suggest you carefully read the supplied instructions for siting and provide this product in a suitable habitat for the target species. The product can then be re-visited 6 - 12 months later, or in the appropriate season, to see if it is being used.

If after 24 months the product has not been used, it may be worth choosing an alternative location to site it and/or look to see what improvements you can make to provide a suitable environment for your target species (flowers, woodpiles, rough areas of garden etc)

Because many species of creatures are constantly seeking refuge and safe nesting sites, you may find that an unexpected species is using your product - this is part of nature and all species should be welcomed as part of your wildlife garden.


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