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Birds of Paradise

Bird Families of the World

Pris: 1903
Frakt på varen: 59,-
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Svært detaljert monografi fra dette kvalitetsforlaget. Omfatter alle de 42 arter i familien.
ForfatterFrith & Beehler
Antall sider688s
Fotos - illustrasjoner12 f-plansjer, mange strektegn.

Fra forlagets egen omtale: 

* 12 magnificent colour plates and numerous line drawings by acclaimed bird artist William T. Cooper
* Combines scientific rigour and accuracy with lively, accessible style
* New systematic treatment of the entire family - the most ornate and interesting group of birds on earth
* Authors have first hand knowledge of the birds they describe


''The first comprehensive overview of this dramatic group of birds...' -BBC Wildlife

'' exhaustive summary of literally everything known about all 42 birds of paradise...I must also comment onf Frith and Beehler's organizational skill, from which any would-be author could learn. Masses of details are renedered digestible...Questions for future research are highlighted throughout, making this book another treasure trove for studnet sin search of PhD theseis topics.' -Jared Diamond Nature

''...this book will stimulate interest in the habits and conservation of these magnificent birds and the paradise in which they live.'' -World Birdwatch

The Birds of Paradise provides the first comprehensive, up-to-date, and scientifically accurate overview of the behaviour, biology, ecology, biogeography, and history of the most ornate and dramtic group of birds on earth. The book is illustrated with 12 superb, specially commissioned, colour plates inlcuding all 42 species of birds of paradise, original line drawings of many behaviours never before recorded, maps, graphs, sonograms, and photographs.

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