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Lemurs of Madagascar

Third edition

Pris: 449
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Sammenfattende og komplett oversikt over 101 arter og underarter av lemurer. Halvapene som kun finnes på Madagaskar. Oppdatert 2010.
Lemurs of Madagascar
Forlag/produsentConservation International
ForfatterRussell A Mittermeier, Edward E. Louis et al
Antall sider762s
Fotos - illustrasjoner500 tegn, fotos og kart.

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You are invited to roam the island nation of Madagascar in search of 101 species and sub-species of lemurs - those captivating primates found nowhere else on Earth. This expedition takes place in the third edition of Lemurs of Madagascar, from the Tropical Field Guide series of Conservation International, now completely revised from the second edition in 2006.

The most current and authoritative book on the topic, Lemurs of Madagascar presents a wealth of new information on every aspect of the biogeography, ecology and conservation of lemurs, with chapters reviewing and summarizing information on the geological history of Madagascar, the origin of lemurs, the extinct lemurs, the history of the discovery and study of living lemurs, and the conservation status of the lemurs and the threats to their existence. The accounts for each lemur species and subspecies include information on their identifying characteristics, their geographic range, natural history and conservation status, and where best to see them.

Intended for use in the field as well as a library reference, the guide is illustrated with over 500 full-color drawings, detailed range maps and outstanding photographs from the field. Its four appendices include national maps depicting island topography, cities, rivers and protected areas; descriptions and representative photos of Madagascar's principal terrestrial habitats; and a catalog of key sites for lemur-watching plus a lemur life-list.

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