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Larvae of Northern European Noctuidae Vol.1

Pris: 990
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Identifikasjon og oversikt over larvene til de europeiske nattfly artene. Første av i alt tre bind der mer enn 700 arter blir beskrevet.
Larvae of Northern European Noctuidae Vol.1
ForfatterAhola, M. & K. Silvonen:
Antall sider657s
Fotos - illustrasjoner50 f-pl., 68s strektegn
SpråkBåde engelsk og finsk

Morphology; Terminology and abbreviations; Preparation of larvae; Ex ovo-rearings; Larval descriptions of more than 200 speices of Nolinae, Pantheinae, and Acronictinae to Heliothinae.

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Forlagets omtale

The aim of this three volume work is primarily to provide a tool for the identification of North European Noctuidae. The geographical area covered is the countries around the Baltic Sea northwards from a line Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow (about 52 degrees latitude north) incl. Norway, The British Isles and Iceland in the west and the Ural Mountains in the east. 

The work will consist of about 700 species in three parts of which volume 1 is now available. 

Vol. 1 includes the following: General section with Morphology of larva, terminology and abbreviations, preparation of larvae, ex ovo-rearing, and acknowledgements; Systematic section with Key to the genera, larval descriptions of more than 220 species from Nolidae to Acronictinae - Stiriinae (according to Karsholt & Razowski); Line drawings of mouth parts with together 1135 illustrations; 50 plates with colour photographs of larvae; References and index.The species account follow a common format providing a synonymy, larval description especially based on the ornaments, morphology of mouth parts and chaetotaxy, biology with notes on life cycle and habits, table of fenology and distribution and a list of all known foodplants. Line drawings of mouth parts include spinneret and labial palps, hypopharynx and stipular setae, labrum and mandible.


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