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Noctuidae Europaeae vol.4.

Hadeninae I

Pris: 1933
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Hovedverket om Europas nattfly (Noctuidae). Alle arter behandles systematisk med hensyn på biologi, identifikasjon og utbredelse og over 60 lokale eksperter i hele Europa er brukt i verket. Gode plansjer.
Noctuidae Europaeae vol.4.
ForfatterHacker & Hreblay
Antall sider419s
Fotos - illustrasjoner15 f-pl., fig. Kart

Forlagets egne opplysninger

The long needed series on the European Noctuidae. All species will be treated systematically by leading authorities in co-operation with more than 60 local specialists spread all over Europe. All species and subspecies are illustrated in several specimens on splendid colour plates done by David Wilson, who also did the colour plates for the well known "Colour Identification Guide to the Moths of the British Isles". The text for each genus, subgenus, species, and subspecies is disposed as follows: Type locality, synonymy, diagnosis, bionomics, and distribution. The section on distribution is supplemented by distribution maps covering the whole of Europe from the Ural Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean and from Northern Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. Full text in English and French in vols 1 - 3 and 6 - 7. Text in English only in vols 4 - 5 and 8 - 12. 

With the publication of volume 4, Noctuidae Europaeae is now more than half way of the planned 12 volumes. This volume deals with interesting and important genera such as Hadena, Carpadia, Polia, Hadula, Saragossa, Lacanobia, Hecatera, Lasionycta, Sideridis, Conisania, Tholera, Mythimna and Leucania. The aim and scope of the present volume will be as for the five earlier volumes: Books of the highest technical level on the European Noctuidae; excellent colour plates illustrating all species and subspecies; genitalia illustrations of male and female for all species; distribution maps to all species. Volume 5 treats not less than 208 taxa: 153 species and 55 subspecies. The 15 colour plates depict a total of 875 specimens. Further vol. 4 includes four species and two subspecies new to science, ten species new to Europe, two new genera and many new synonyms and new combinations

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