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Peregrine Falcon Populations      Tilbud nå kr 398 – før kr 967 

- status and perspectives in the 21st century

Pris: 398
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Tilgjengelighet: 2 på lager
Peregrine Falcon Populations er den største nyere samling av artikler om vandrefalk studier i Europa. Boka er en samling av vitenskaplige presentasjoner fra 2nd. International Peregrine Conference i Polen 2007.
Peregrine Falcon Populations
ForfatterSielicki & Mizera
Antall sider800s
Fotos - illustrasjoner400 fotos og figurer, 60 tab

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The most up-to date publication on the status and conservation of Peregrine Falcons at the turn of century.
This book contains the largest collection of papers related to Peregrine studies in nearly whole Europe and other continents.

The book is based on papers presented at the 2nd International Peregrine Conference Poland 2007, held from 19-23 September 2007 in Piotrowo near Poznań, Poland. (The book contains the Resolutions of the Conference and presents the Conference in pictures as well.)

The book contains papers on Peregrine populations in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia (European and Asiatic part, up to Siberia and Kurile Islands), Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, United Kingdom (Wales, England, Scotland and North Ireland). In addition to European presentations it also includes papers from countries in other continents – United States of America, South Africa, Namibia, Australia, Israel, Malaysia, India, Argentina.

There are chapters on food and feeding, the relationship between Peregrines and man, including the role of falconry in Peregrine conservation, papers on reintroduction programmes in numerous countries and others concerning Peregrines living in urban landscapes. Furthermore, this book also includes papers on Saker Falcons, comparing the status of species with the Peregrine and studies from their central European stronghold: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Short prefaces were kindly provided by Prof. Ian Newton, Prof. Tom J. Cade and Prof. Clayton M. White.

Prof. Ian Newton says: "This book represents another significant milestone in the history of Peregrine studies, adding to our knowledge of the species and its recovery. ... The current volume will prove of value to all Peregrine researchers, whether they are professional biologists, research students, or other enthusiasts, and a source of inspiration to others yet to come."

Prof. Tom J. Cade wrote: "I am very impressed by the quality of the reports assembled. The book will be a major contribution to the scientific literature on the Peregrine."

Prof. Clayton M. White: "The new information in this current volume is much awaited by Peregrines addicts and will be appreciated by falcon enthusiasts of younger generations."

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