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Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter Mini Bat      Nyhet! 

Lydopptaker for flaggermus

Pris: 11139
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Tilgjengelighet: 7-10 dagers leveringstid
Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter Mini Bat gir forskere et enkelt, men likevel inovativt verktøy for å ta opp lyden fra flaggermus. Denne settes opp ved hjelp av bluetooth kopling og en app. Mikrofon er innebygd.
Forlag/produsentWildlife Acoustics
Bredde x dypde x Høyde i mm123x134x36
Vekt i gram290 inkl batterier

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The Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter Mini Bat gives researchers a simple, yet innovative tool for recording bat vocalizations. Building on more than 10 years of experience with the Song Meter professional line of recorders, the Song Meter Mini Bat delivers the best features at a breakthrough price.

  • Comparable recording quality to the industry standard Song Meter SM4BAT
  • Records in Full Spectrum and/or Zero Crossing
  • Lightweight, at just 0.64 lb/290 g (including batteries)
  • The smallest ultrasonic bat recorder available, at just 4.9" x 5.3" x 1.4" (123 mm x 134 mm x 36 mm)
  • Weatherproof design suitable for any environment
  • Low-noise microphone captures more bat recordings
  • Advanced triggering records only when bats are present
  • Optional noise scrubber automatically deletes false triggers that do not contain bat vocalizations
  • Change settings and schedule wirelessly via Bluetooth on your mobile device
  • Automatically sends recorder status to the app via Bluetooth
  • Uses your mobile device to set date, time, time zone and location
  • Optional microphone attachment allows you to also record birds, frogs and other vocal wildlife
  • Record up to 30 ten-hour nights with 4 AA batteries (or 150 ten-hour nights with 6 lithium-ion batteries in optional lid)
  • Compatible with Kaleidoscope Pro software to quickly review recordings and automatically suggest bat species (in supported geographies)

Recording Technology
Single channel 16-bit PCM .wav files and/or zero-crossing

Tekniske spesifikasjoner


  • 1 built-in waterproof ultrasonic microphone
  • optional second acoustic microphone for recording birds, frogs and other wildlife

NOTE: The Song Meter Mini Bat can be programmed to record ultrasonic activity at some times and non-ultrasonic acoustic activity at other times during the same deployment, but not simultaneously.

Sample Rates

  • Ultrasonic: 192kHz, 256kHz, 384kHz, and 500kHz
  • Acoustic (with optional acoustic microphone): 8kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz, 22.05kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz

NOTE: Specifications for acoustic recording is identical to the Song Meter Mini model.

Power Options

  • 4 AA Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • 2, 4 or 6 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries using optional lithium lid accessory

4 AA Alkaline: up to 30 ten-hour nights
6 18650 Li-ion batteries: up to 150 ten-hour nights

NOTE: Run times can vary depending on the characteristics of specific brands and models of flash cards, the kind and quality of batteries used, temperature and configuration. We recommend SanDisk brand SDHC/SDXC cards.


  • 1 SDHC/SDXC flash card slots (Class 4 or greater)*
  • Supports up to 1TB SDXC cards (will support 2TB SDXC if/when available)

*We recommend using SanDisk SDHC/SDXC cards.


Height: 4.9" / 123 mm
Width: 5.3" / 134 mm
Depth: 1.4" / 36 mm

Without batteries: 0.42 lb / 190g
With 4 AA batteries: 0.64 lb / 290g

Enclosure Material

Enclosure Environmental Protection
Fully weatherproof

Operating Temperature
-4°F to +185°F or -20°C to 85°C

2 years

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