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Villtkamera Full-HD 1080p trådløst WiFi

Viltkamera m/infrarød nattfunksjon

Pris: 1856
Frakt på varen: 146,-
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Tilgjengelighet: Usikker leveringstid
Villtkamera Full-HD 1080p trådløst 2,4GHz WiFi er værtett og tåler å stå ute i vær og vind. Det har oppladbart batteri innebygd som kan vare opp til 2 måneder. Har også mulighet for å sette inn 64GB microSD for lagring om WiFi ikke er tilgjengelig.
Forlag/produsentWildlife Camera Systems
KassetypeFølger ikke med fuglekasse
Kamera2.0Mp 1.28" Star-light CMOS IP, 1920x1080 25fps / 1280x720 25fps
NattfunksjonJa, Infrarødt lys (slår seg inn i mørke)
SkjermKan sees på Apple og android
Vekt i gram260 (inkludert batteri)

Dette kamera kommer uten kasse. Men kan plasseres i fuglekasser som har plass til det. NB! Kamera må være innen rekkevidde for et tilgjengelig WiFi nettverk for å fungere trådløst. Hvis ikke brukes minnebrikke til å lagre aktivitet.

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Villtkamera Full-HD 1080p trådløst WiFi

by Wildlife World

Les omtale av kamera

Leverandørens omtale

Utilising the latest technology to provide

the BEST features for filming wildlife

  • 100% wire free camera
  • Wifi enabled HD camera
  • Amazing battery life up to 2 months
  • Capture wildlife video footage by day & night
  • Wildlife body heat triggers the camera into action
  • View LIVE footage on your smart phone
  • Works with free to download ‘ToSee’ APP
  • Option to record to a micro SD card (not included)
  • Option to record sound
  • Easy setup and installation via the smart phone APP
  • 1 year warranty

Full HD 1080

Your camera will produce high definition video clips both day and night.  In addition you will find night time footage is crystal clear thanks to the cameras’ six infrared LEDs.

Wi-Fi enabled

In order to get the best out of your wireless wildlife observation camera you will need a wifi connection and smart phone.  The camera requires a 2.4 GHz wifi network connection in order to enable device set up and APP features.   (The camera will not work with 5 GHz wifi connection).

Weather Protection

Your camera casing has a IP65 enclosure rating so that it can resist rain, snow and the outdoor elements.  Additionally, it can operate over a huge temperature range between -20 degrees C and + 50 degrees.  We have coloured the camera casing green so that it blends into the natural environment.

Fixing bracket

You can mount your camera using the supplied bracket and fixings and then attach the camera on the screw thread. This arrangement makes your life easy when you need to unscrew the camera for the purpose of battery charging.

What triggers the camera?

Your wireless wildlife observation camera is triggered by PIR motion sensor technology and enables it to detect heat sources such passing animals, human bodies or car engines.  Motion detection alerts trigger a push notification to your smart phone which means you’ll never miss the LIVE action wherever you are.

Multiple Uses

Your wildlife observation camera is specially designed to be silent and unobtrusive in operation which makes it perfect for observing elusive and particularly nocturnal wildlife.  Good examples are bird nest boxes, hedgehogs, foxes and badgers.  Your camera will also come in handy for checking on the well-being of kids, pets or elderly relatives.

Battery Life and Power Consumption

We have designed the camera to have ultra low power consumption in sleep mode which allows your batteries to last up to 2 months.   This super long interval between battery charges is a critical feature and gives you the power to film sensitive wildlife subjects.  For instance a bird next box where you don’t want to keep changing batteries and risking possible nest disturbance or abandonment.  Note Battery life is calculated based on an average of 20 wakes per day.

We recommend you charge your camera batteries using the included USB cable which means that you don’t need to remove the batteries from the camera housing for charging.

Let’s get started

In order to get you up and running quickly, we’ve partially charged the two lithium-ion batteries inside the camera.  However, we advise you to give them a full charge before the camera’s first assignment.

You can purchase extra, inexpensive 18650 Lithium-ion batteries (3.7V 250mA) if you wish.  Similarly, suitable battery charger units (DC5V 1A-2A) are widely available if you want to keep multiple sets of batteries at the ready.

Use your Quick Start Setup Guide to set up your camera.  Please follow the instructions to install the ‘ToSee’ APP then add your camera device to your wifi network.  Additional video instructions and trouble shooting guide will be available in the New Year.

APP Features

The recommended "ToSee" APP is free to download and is your key to accessing all the extra functionality of the camera.   The APP is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones & tablets and gives access to  setup, live view, snapshot and sharing of footage.  Additionally it allows you to change camera mode & choose video clip length of 15 , 30 or 45 seconds .

Note:  The 2-way speak function is unavailable as this is not a desirable feature in wildlife filming.

Storage of footage

If you are out of wifi range, then why not use the camera in stand-alone mode to record to a micro SD card (max 64GB).  The resulting footage can be reviewed when the micro SD card is retrieved from the field.

Wireless wildlife observation camera dimensions

The camera measures 93 x 55 x 80mm.  Weight (including batteries) is 260g.

What’s included?

1x Wildlife World brand Wildlife Observation Camera Full 100% wire free HD camera

1x Mounting Bracket (fixings included)

2 x Rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion batteries (inside the camera)

1x USB charging cable

1x Quick Start Guide

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