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Essential Guide to the Birds of the Isles of Scilly

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Oppdatert bok om fuglene på Isles of Scilly med masse bilder, detaljer på observasjoner og observasjon statistikk. God og interessant bok for alle med interresse for "kryssing", med drømmer om å se sjeldne fugler her i landet.
ForfatterFlood, Hudson & Thomas
Antall sider670s
Fotos - illustrasjoner100s fargefotos

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A concise, up-to-date and accurate account of all species and sub-species reliably recorded on and around the islands, including:
  • A chronological review of the evolution of birding on Scilly
  • A précis of migratory behaviour that explains 'the routes to Scilly'
  • A month-by-month account of the birding year
  • A meticulous and informative systematic list
  • A review of the growth of the Scilly list
  • A detailed check list of every species & sub-species
  • Many illustrations by top artists that lavishly animate the text
  • 100 colour pages of photographs of scarce and rare birds.
  • The book, which is to be published in the first half of 2007, will also be used to help raise funds for local and international bird related charities. (see Fund Raising page)

The chapters are as follows.



The reasons behind writing the book, and what we hope to achieve.

Times Gone By: We look back at key people, events and turning points in the evolution of the birding scene on Scilly.

Breeding Birds: Details on all the past & present breeding species of Scilly.

Routes to Scilly: Reviews migration and accidental routes that explain how visiting birds arrive at the archipelago.

Birding Year: Offers a month-by-month account of species likely to be present and roughly where on the islands to look for them.

Big Year-List 2002: A month-by-month account that relives the record breaking 2002 year-list.

Mega-Finds: Presents some awesome finders' accounts for a selection of Scilly's genuine mega-birds. The extreme emotions involved when rare bird finders realise their ultimate dream on Scilly are graphically described.

The Scilly List: Reviews the growth and its rate of change of the list of birds seen on Scilly, up to and including 2005.

Systematic List: Provides a succinct overview of the status and occurrence of all species and sub-species ever reliably recorded on the islands.

Check List: Recaps the Systematic List in a complete list of species and sub-species in tabular form with columns set aside for the reader to keep their own lists.

Appendices: Firsts for Britain that have occurred on Scilly, Records not Submitted or Pended, & Interesting Ringing Recoveries.

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