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Pocket Handbook of Nonhuman Primate Clinical Medicine      Tilbud nå kr 98 – før kr 787 

Pris: 98
Frakt på varen: 59,-
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Tilgjengelighet: 1 på lager
Hurtigreferanse for medisinske tilfeller som ofte ses i primatmedisin og foreskriving av behandlinger.
Forlag/produsentCRC Press
ForfatterAngela Courtney
Antall sider251s
Fotos - illustrasjoner37 strektegninger

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  • Gives quick reference for medical cases that are commonly seen in primate medicine and the treatments prescribed
  • Fits in a lab coat pocket for easy reference
  • Provides formulary and drug dosages, special precautions, and important notations when warranted
  • Presents treatments for the rhesus macaque and denotes specific treatments for other species where applicable
  • Explains common conditions with full color illustrations for quick reference
  • Overviews the recent drugs and medications used in anesthesiology to aid the clinician when determining drug choice and multimodal therapy



Sources of clinical treatment information on nonhuman primates are generally scattered across journals, textbooks, conferences, personal conversations, and more. However, when a clinician on the treatment floor is faced with a patient requiring an immediate treatment decision, time spent on making an informed decision becomes a critical factor.

An alternative to conducting a literature search in time-sensitive situations, the Pocket Handbook of Nonhuman Primate Clinical Medicine supplies guidance and initial direction on diagnosis and treatment, including working doses based on past case experience. It is the frank, to-the-point nature of the writing that makes readers feel as if they had just asked a colleague how to approach a clinical problem and obtained a quick, "what you need to know" answer. The chapter authors draw on personal experience to describe commonly encountered clinical conditions and how to treat these cases—including not only the "dos" but also the "don'ts." This format gives readers easy access to clinical signs, diagnostic criteria, and options for treatment.

The Pocket Handbook of Nonhuman Primate Clinical Medicine is a convenient, concise, case-based handbook written by and for clinicians in charge of the diagnosis and treatment of nonhuman primate patients. Available in both print and electronic formats, this handbook saves readers from having to wade through pages of data and case studies to find answers when time is a factor on the clinic floor.

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