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Whales, Dolphins and Seals

A Field Guide to the Marine Mammals of the World

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Feltbok med verdens hvaler, delfiner, seler, sjøløver, sjøkuer, havotere og isbjørn, skrevet av internasjonale eksperter. Flotte fargeplansjer behandler i detalj identifikasjon. Ny og oppdatert på utbredelse med kart.
ForfatterShirihai & Jarrett
Antall sider384s
Fotos - illustrasjoner500 fargeill., 475 fargefotos, 124 kart

Sammenlignet med "Sea mammals of the World, A Complete Guide to Whales, Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lions and Sea Cows", så er "Whales dolphins and Seals" mye mer innrettet mot identifikasjon.

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Forlagets omtale

All 129 species illustrated with over 500 beautiful new artworks Easily confused species are also shown together on comparison plates Over 450 stunning colour photographs Informative, up-to-date species distribution maps, including viewing hotspots Includes a useful guide to some of the best marine mammal watching sites


Minke Whale

This is the first complete field guide to the world's marine mammals. It covers the field identification -- including geographical, sex and age variation -- of all the whales, dolphins, seals and sea cows, plus the Walrus, Polar Bear and marine otters. Similar species are shown together for ease of comparison. Whales, Dolphins and Seals features more than 460 full-colour photos, over 500 beautiful new colour illustrations and 124 colour distribution maps in a genuinely portable format for only £12.99.

Hadoram Shirihai is a leading expert on field identification and an accomplished photographer. Among his many published works are the award-winningA Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife, Sylvia Warblers and The Birds of Israel. He is a strong advocate of the value of personal field experience and has travelled the world's oceans extensively in search of seabirds and cetaceans. He has now seen most of the species described in this book and is currently working on a guide to the world's albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters.

Subantarctic Fur Seal

Brett Jarrett is one of the world's foremost marine mammal artists. He has field experience of 98 species during 30 years of marine mammal watching and has worked extensively in Antarctica. His published work includes the plates in the award-winning A Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife. More of his work can be seen at

Rightwhale Dolphins

The field guide has attracted international cooperation, with a broad scientific panel of referees, including world experts such as Peter Evans, William Perrin and Robert Pitman. The mapping team, Kelly Macleod and Dylan Walker, are highly respected cetacean observers and researchers, and they have produced the most up-to-date and informative distribution maps for marine mammals ever published.

Young Walruses

Pilot Whales All photographs featured on this website are copyright Hadoram Shirihai.

Preface 7
What is a marine mammal? 8
Main groups of marine mammals 8
Modern taxonomy of marine mammals 9
How to look for marine mammals 10
Natural history of marine mammals 12
Conservation 15
How to use this book 17
The illustrations 19
The maps 20

Sperm Whale 21
Humpback Whale 25
Grey Whale 31
Right whales 34
Pygmy Right Whale 43
Rorquals with streamlined bodies 46
Killer Whale 69
Pilot whales -- the large 'blackfish' 77
Small 'blackfish' whales and Risso's Dolphin 85
Beluga and Narwhal 97
Beaked whales 103
Pygmy and Dwarf Sperm Whales 148

Bottlenose and similar plain dolphins 153
Narrow-beaked oceanic dolphins 170
Short-beaked oceanic dolphins 195
Cephalorhynchus dolphins 212
Right Whale dolphins 223
River dolphins and Tucuxi 228
Australian Snubfin and Irrawaddy Dolphins 242
Porpoises 246

Sirenians (sea cows) 260Fur seals of northern/mid-latitudes 271
Fur seals of the Southern Ocean 283
Sea lions 294
Northern true seals 309
Mid-latitude true seals 328
Subantarctic and Antarctic true seals 337

Walrus 350
Polar bear 353
Otters 358
Selected marine mammal sites 362
Conservation checklist 369
Selected bibliography 378
Photograph credits 379
Index 382

Please note:
A companion field guide to the seabirds of the world is in preparation. This webpage will be updated with further details of that title and information on how to submit photographs for possible inclusion in due course.

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