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Danmarks dyreliv vol. 6.

Danmarks Svirrefluer

Tilgjengelighet: Utgått vare
En meget flott og nødvendig serie for alle som befatter seg med nøyaktig bestemmelse av nordiske insekter på et høyt nivå.
ForfatterTorp, E.
Antall sider490s
Fotos - illustrasjonerf-fotoplansjer, illustrasjoner, figurer, kart

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Forlagets egne opplsyninger

A very impressive book on the Danish Hoverflies and highly praised in reviews. The main part is a systematic treatise of the 270 species known from Denmark. For each species the text is divided into the following chapters: Description, distribution, habitat, flight time, flower visits, and larval biology. For each species the distribution in Denmark is shown on a detailed 10 x 10 km UTM map. These maps are mainly based on a mapping project running over a decade before publication. On the 270 distribution maps there are nearly 35.000 dots, which means, that with 640 UTM squares covering Denmark, 54 species are in average known from each square. No other country has such a complete mapping of the Syrphidae. The book also contains general chapters on biotope preference, abundance and distribution patterns with many maps and photos. Furthermore the book contains the first Danish Red Data List, as many species are seriously threatened or vulnerable. This is mainly species related to old natural forests. The book also contains a list of species as bio-indicators in natural forests and therefore it is most useable in the work for nature conservation. Very important in the book are the illustrations of which there are 21 very well produced colour plates. 12 of these illustrates all 270 Danish species, for many species both female and male, so that a total of 351 specimens are shown. The remaining 9 colour plates are photographs of living specimens in the nature, many of them in flight!  English summary to each species. Hardback with dust cover.

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