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Danmarks dyreliv vol. 7.

Nordeuropas snudebiller del.I: De kortsnudede arter

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The Weevils of North Europe, Engelsk sammendrag. En meget flott og nødvendig serie for alle som befatter seg med nøyaktig bestemmelse av nordiske insekter på et høyt nivå.
Danmarks dyreliv vol. 7.
ForfatterPalm, L.
Antall sider356s
Fotos - illustrasjoner8 f-plansjer, 491 fig, kart

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Forlagets egne opplsyninger

This volume treats the 163 species of Brachycerinae and Otiorhyncherinae known from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Karelia, the surroundings of Sct. Petersburg, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, northern Poland, the north German lowland to the Harzen Mountains, The Netherlands, and Great Britain. Further 14 species found accidentally in the area covered are also treated. The colour plates illustrate all species in superb photographs of an hitherto unseen high quality. A total of 198 specimens are shown largely magnified. The text figures are genitalias, morphological details important for the identification etc. The distribution maps show the distribution by provinces in the area covered, only Great Britain is omitted. Species occurring in Denmark have a detailed distribution map of this country. The systematic part is for each species divided into the following chapters: Description, where all details are carefully mentioned; Distribution, where unusually many records and localities are mentioned; Bionomics, where habitat, foodplants, time for occurrence etc. are explained in detail; Summary, where distribution and bionomics are shortly summarized in 10-20 lines for each species. The weevil fauna of North Europe will be covered by two or three further parts. They should appeal to professional and amateur entomologists, nature conservationists, university and museum libraries, higher educational institutions. A number of the species treated in part 1 can be serious pests in agriculture and forestry. Distribution maps to all species. English summary to each species.

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