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The Spiders of Great Britain and Ireland

Tilgjengelighet: Utgått vare
Omfattende verk, 2 bind. Bind 1 tekst, Bind 2 - plansjer.
Antall sider700s
Fotos - illustrasjoner256 f-pl,

Reprint 2009 av 1993 utgaven.

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Forlagets egen omtale:

This title has been out of print for some years, but has now been reprinted. It is now generally recognised as the definitive text on British spiders. Roberts' first edition of this work (3 vols, in 1987) superseded and updated the previous bible for British Arachnologists (Locket and Millidge, 1951, 1953 and 1974). This newer edition with additional Appendix, Addenda and Corrigenda in turn updates and revises the1987 edition. The first volume contains all the text, starting with a series of introductory notes on spider biology and some information on classification and nomenclature as it applies to spiders. Following this is a key to families and the species descriptions including 105 genera and 267 species of Linyphiidae. These two volumes are both a work of art and a work of science and so bring together the highest possible achievements of a human being. Their presence in the libraries of all academic as well as private Arachnid libraries is a must in order that their great value to the science of arachnology in Europe be allowed to bear fruit abundantly.


'The work is an authoritative text book for identification which it is a privilege to recommend to anyone working on this group.' G. H. Locket, in the Foreword to Volume 1

'... no further books directed towards the identification of British spiders will be required for many years to come.' A. F. Millidge, in the Foreword to Volume 2

Short-listed for the BP/Natural World book award, 1987.

Part 1 of this strongly bound, 2-part paperback Compact Edition comprises Volumes 1 and 2 of the 3-volume hardback edition (now out of print) and includes the author's Appendix of addenda and corrigenda to the hardback edition. Part 2 comprises the colour plates (Volume 3 of the hardback edition). Each part 290 x 210mm.

Part 1 contains: Text: Atypidae to Linyphiidae. 434pp., including 7 colour plates and 194pp. of text figures.

Contents: Introduction, including sections on morphology, behaviour, collection, preservation and examination, and literature; Classification and Nomenclature; Key to the Families; and Description of the Species, covering 611 species within 30 families, all of which are illustrated in the black-and-white line-drawings of genitalia and other parts facing each page of text; Appendix containing Descriptions of a further six species discovered in Britain (1985-87), three of which are illustrated in colour together with one new linyphiid species. There is also a glossary and a Check List of British Spiders.

Part 2 contains: Colour plates: Atypidae to Linyphiidae. 256pp., including 237 colour plates

Following a brief introduction, the colour plates illustrate 307 species. As closely related spiders are frequently indistinguishable in general appearance, it is clearly unnecessary for all species to be illustrated in colour. The colour plates do, however, convey a full and balanced picture of the diversity of British spiders.

Michael Roberts, a past Secretary of the British Arachnological Society and now a professional wildlife artist, set standards of excellence for both scientific accuracy and artistic quality for which he received the H.H. Bloomer Award from the Linnean Society in 1990.

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