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Colour Identification Guide to Moths of the British Isles

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Tilgjengelighet: 2-8 ukers leveringstid
Klassisk håndbok over Storbritannias nattsommerfugler i ny oppdatert utgave med ny tekst og flere nye plansjer.
ForfatterSkinner, Bernard
Antall sider325s
Fotos - illustrasjoner51 f-plansjer

Fra forlaget  

A new and revised edition of the classic guide to British macro-moths with two new plates of recently discovered species and moths not figured in the previous editions. Together with six additional colour plates covering nearly 150 critical species and groups of species adding to the book's identification features. 

The text has been thoroughly revised and updated by Bernard Skinner both regarding the effects of climate change and many important records of distribution, status, times of appearance, new arrivals and migrant additions. The moth fauna of Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands has been updated to the end of 2008. 

The colour plates from the previous editions of photographs by David Wilson have been re-scanned and greatly improved in both colour and quality. Fifty one species illustrated for the first time in this edition, showing newly recorded residents and migrants, single records and extinct species.

Now re-published under a new imprint by Apollo Books, with additional and updated text, the third edition of the renowned guide to British macro lepidoptera contains two new plates of additional species plus a further group of colour plates comparing critical species in a new style to aid identification of groups of moths. The last twenty-five years since the publication of the first edition have seen a steady increase in our knowledge of British macro moths; their distribution, history and habits and this new edition will bring to both the new and experienced student of the group, the latest overview of current status of resident, immigrant and historical records. Since the publication of the second edition ten years ago very significant changes in behaviour and distribution, perhaps associated with climate change, have made it desirable to update much of the basic text.

The author, Bernard Skinner has once again prepared an updated concise text giving the fullest details available in a single volume of the British and Irish moths. Here are new records, new species to Great Britain and Ireland together with historical information. Once again the concept of a clear range of illustrations, both drawings and colour photographs provide the basis for identifying moths. Together with a text that indicates similar species, are drawings that point towards diagnostic features of similar moths. The main block of forty-five colour plates illustrate the size, complete wing patterns and important forms and variation of moths. New additional plates bring together magnified images of various groups of moths, some separated in the main plates, to help compare similar species and aid identification using in some cases underside illustrations where advantageous. This is a major update of the 2nd edition that has been out of print for the last couple of years.

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