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SkimmerSack, kamerastøtte


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Tilgjengelighet: 2-8 ukers leveringstid
NatureScapes.Net SkimmerSack kamerastøtte er en Bean Bag som brukes til å stabilisere fotoutstyret/teleskop på en hvilken som helst overflate.
Hent bilde

Modellene kommer uten fyll og må fylles med egnet materiale som for eksempel ris.

Produsentens omtale

The SkimmerSack Beanbag transforms into many different configurations for endless shooting possibilities with or without the use of the Skimmer II Ground Pod. Construction and Key Features:

The SkimmerSack is the most durable and the most flexible beanbag on the market.

Here is why:

* Unique transformable design - a multitude of uses and configurations. See images for suggested uses.
* First ever "U" shaped bag with unique round-top design for use alone, or matched perfectly with the Skimmer Ground Pod II (følger ikke med denne varen) placed on top.
* For use with any lens and camera combination from wide angle up to a 600/4 or 800/5.6.
* Continuous non-skid Toughtek fabric inside of the legs for non slip grip on car doors.
* Highly contoured design allows less fill than other bags - weighs only 8 pounds when full using whole sunflower seeds.
* Large zippered opening with protective flap for easy secure filling.
* All seams are double stitched for extra strength - stress areas stitched at least 5 times*
* Hook and loop straps at each end of the "legs" for tying the bag down to door handles or safari roof rack.
* Sewn in handles on each side - may be used for tie downs or to secure the Skimmer using a 3" climber's clip attached to the Skimmer's carrying tab.
* When used with the Skimmer Ground Pod II (følger ikke med denne varen) you can use with any ballhead, Gimball head or simply install a quick release plate for the lowest profile option. Riser blocks may also be used to fine tune your shooting height.

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