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Finding Birds in Eastern Poland

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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Med stedsguide østre Polen.
Finding Birds in Eastern Poland
ForfatterGosney, D.
Antall sider40s
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Finding Birds in Eastern Poland
Finding Birds in Eastern Poland

Dave Gosney writes:

"If you want to see Aquatic Warbler in Europe, then, realistically, Poland is now your only hope, since populations in Hungary, Germany and Lithuania have declined so much, perhaps to extinction. In Poland however, I still found them at several sites as detailed in this book. Of course Eastern Poland has many other great birds too such as Spotted Eagle, Great Snipe, White-winged Black Tern, Pygmy Owl and a fantastic diversity of warblers, flycatchers and woodpeckers, not to mention mountain birds such as Wallcreeper and Alpine Accentor. This book sends you to the best places in the Biebrza marshes, the Bialowieza forest and the Tatra mountains to find all these birds."

Unique features

Compared to other publications covering the same area, this one:

  • Provides the most useful maps - so you can easily find your way to the best bits of wetland, steppe or woodland
  • Includes GPS co-ordinates to help you find the right turnings, parking spaces or viewing points
  • Highlights the best areas only - and summarises the key attraction in the first paragraph so you can easily decide whether to read on or bother to visit the site
  • Has a map on the inside cover which serves as an index so you can easily find any site in the book
  • Is light and portable (and cheap)
  • Is supplemented by the site pages in this website (which include photos of many of the locations)
  • Is updated in the free update pages on this website, giving details of what other birders have found at these sites
  • Is complemented by a DVD showing you exactly what it’s like to go birding in many of these sites

Oppdatering til heftene i denne serien er tilgjengelig som gratis app (tilgjengelig fra de fleste app stores) og kan bli lest på iphone, andre smarttelefoner, ipad, blackberry eller via på en vanlig PC.

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