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Carnivores of the World

Pris: 290
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
En feltguide til alle verdens 245 arter av landlevende rovdyr. Første bok i sitt slag.
Carnivores of the World
Forlag/produsentPrinceton UP
ForfatterHunter, L.
Antall sider240
Fotos - illustrasjoner88 f-plansjer, 400 str.teg.

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Fra forlagets presentasjon:

Carnivores are among the most spectacular creatures in the natural world, and also the most feared. Carnivores of the World is the first comprehensive field guide to all 245 terrestrial species of true carnivores, from the majestic polar bear and predatory wild cats to the tiny least weasel. This user-friendly illustrated guide features 86 color plates by acclaimed wildlife artist Priscilla Barrett that depict every species and numerous subspecies, as well as about 400 line drawings of skulls and footprints. Detailed species accounts describe key identification features, distribution and habitat, feeding ecology, behavior, social patterns, reproduction and demography, status, threats, lifespan, and mortality. Carnivores of the World includes an introduction that provides a concise overview of taxonomy, conservation, and the distinct families within the order Carnivora.

  • Covers all 245 terrestrial species of true carnivores
  • Includes 86 color plates by acclaimed wildlife artist Priscilla Barrett
  • Features detailed species accounts and hundreds of line drawings
  • The first field guide of its kind

Luke Hunter is president of Panthera, the world's leading wild cat conservation organization. His books include Cheetah and Cats of Africa: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation.


"Carnivores of the World is a comprehensive field guide to all 245 species of terrestrial carnivores--everything from tiny least weasels to gigantic polar bears. Though few will use this book as an actual field guide, it is packed with the natural history of each species. You'll learn of carnivores you've never heard of (servals, caracals and genets) as well as those that are more familiar (lions, tigers and bears). And each species account is filled with details including information on diet, behavior and reproduction."--Scott Shalaway, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The thing that makes this book a 'must' is . . . its two-page/subject organization. Choose your carnivore and then turn to that page--the data is on your left and the image is on the right. It's just that simple. So, who would want a book like this? Well, certainly sportsman. . . . Kids would love it too. (What youngster wouldn't get a kick out of looking up the Palawan Stink Badger or studying a Grizzly skull?) It would make for an ideal field guide for birders, lepidopterists, guides, campers, backyard birders ('What on earth was that thing?') fresh water fishermen, farmers."--Alan Speakman,

"One of the coolest books I've ever seen."--Greg Laden's Science Blog

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