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Hoverflies of Northwest Europe

Identification keys to the Syrphidae

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Boka identifiserer Nordvest Europes blomsterfluer og den har med mye av den kunnskap som har blitt publisert i mange artikler de siste 10-årene. Boka dekker 500 arter, mer enn 2/3 av Europas syrphid fauna.
Hoverflies of Northwest Europe
Forlag/produsentKNNV Publishing
Forfattervan Veen, M.
Antall sider256s
Fotos - illustrasjoner16 f-plansjer, tegninger

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Identification keys to the Syrphidae (in English)

Hoverflies are beautiful insects that can be found in every garden. Some are black and yellow and resemble wasps, others are furry like bumblebees or brownish like honeybees. Contrary to appearances, hoverflies are actually harmless. Hoverflies are good bioindicators, as the larvae of many species have specific habitat requirements. The hoverfly composition of an area represents the specific local conditions present.

This book identifies the hoverflies of Northwest Europe and incorporates the knowledge that has been published in many articles over past decades. The book covers 500 species - nearly twothirds of the known European syrphid fauna. The main body of the book consists of dichotomous keys to all the hoverfly species found in the region, richly illustrated with drawings that show details as well as whole flies.
It is the first time that such a comprehensive work on the subject has appeared in English.

Mark van Veen, Ph.D., is an entomologist passionate about hoverflies. Through
this book he hopes to share his extensive knowledge with a wider audience and inspire others to discover more about these tiny animals that have fascinated him since childhood.

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