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Field Guide to the Ladybirds of Great Britain and Ireland      Nyhet! 

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Tilgjengelighet: 7 på lager
Field Guide to the Ladybirds of Great Britain and Ireland dekker alle 47 artene av marihøner som opptrert på de Britiske øyer i en hendig format.
Field Guide to the Ladybirds of Great Britain and Ireland
Forlag/produsentBloomsbury Wildlife
ForfatterRoy, H., Brown, P.
Antall sider160
Fotos - illustrasjoner130 fargetegninger, 100 fargefoto og 47 kart

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This brand new illustrated field guide covers all 47 species of ladybird occurring in the British Isles in a handy and easy-to-use format. Twenty-seven species are colourful and conspicuous and easily recognised as ladybirds; the remaining species are more challenging, but the clear illustrations and up-to-date text in this guide will help to break down the identification barriers. A useful introduction provides an overview of ladybird ecology, tips on studying and recording, and suggested sites for finding ladybirds. The main part of the book comprises detailed species texts, covering field characters, food, habitats, suggested survey methods, ranges, conservation statuses and distribution trends. An illustrated at-a-glance identification guide and helpful pointers for differentiating similar-looking species are also included. With 102 colour photographs and 47 distribution maps, combined with Richard Lewington's peerless artwork, this is the definitive guide to one of our most cherished and charismatic insect groups.

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