British Pyralids Moths

A Guide to their Identification

Alle de 208 britiske arter er beskrevet. Utfyllende tekst om utseende, forekomst, livssyklus mm. Den mest oversiktlige bok om pyralider på markedet for våre områder, selv om dendel norske arter ikke er med.

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Fotos - illustrasjoner:272 fotos på 9 f-pl ,
Forlag:Apollo Books
Forfatter:B. Goater

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‘… an admirable work … meets its primary stated purpose, identification, by illustrations and descriptions.’ Bryan P. Beirne, Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society

This book is thoroughly recommended for all those interested in moths, and is a worthy companion to Skinner’s Moths of the British Isles.’ P. A. Sokoloff, Entomologist’s Record

No other book in print covers the British species of the family Pyralidae, which includes such familiar species as the Mother of Pearl, the China-marks and the Grass Moths. All 208 species are clearly described in the text and all are illustrated photographically in the 272 figures on the colour plates, showing sexual dimorphism and different colour forms. The text gives a concise description of each species and its more striking races or forms, aided, where necessary, by line-drawings. Information is included on life histories, habits, seasonal occurrence, geographical distribution and host-plants. There is also a check list of the British Pyralidae.

Barry Goater is one of the most active amateur field lepidopterists in the country and a former vice-president of SEL (Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica).

215 x 150mm, 178pp., including 9 colour plates and 12 text figures