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Naturalists' Handbook 6, Third edition

Pris: 338
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Tilgjengelighet: 1 på lager
Boken tar for seg humlenes økologi, livshistorie, parasitter og bevaring og inneholder et nyskrevet kapittel om truslene humlene er utsatt for.
Forlag/produsentPelagic publishing
ForfatterPrys-Jones, O.E.; Corbet, S.A.
Antall sider144s
Fotos - illustrasjoner16s f-pl.,s/hv illus.

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Produsentens egen omtale: 

An indispensable guide to identification, ecology and study of bumblebees.

This new edition embraces the wealth of information published on bumblebee life history, ecology, foraging, parasites and conservation in recent years. It includes a new chapter on the very real threats to bumblebees; their crucial role as pollinators of our native flora and crops; ways to promote their survival; advantages and problems posed by their commercial use; as well as updated colour plates, keys and distribution maps of all British species (including Bombus hypnorum). The book introduces techniques and approaches to original work so that anyone with an interest can usefully contribute to furthering our understanding and appreciation of these wonderful and important insects.


Preface to the third edition
Distribution and recognition
The natural history of true bumblebees (Bombus)
Nests and their establishment in captivity
Cuckoo bumblebees Bombus (Psithyrus), parasites and nest associates
Foraging behaviour
Threats, conservation and commercial use
-Chart A. Is the specimen a true bumblebee, or a cuckoo bumblebee, or neither?
-Quick-Check Key to common species
-Main keys
-I: Female true bumblebees Bombus
-II: Male true bumblebees Bombus
-III: Female cuckoo bumblebees Bombus (Psithyrus)
-IV: Male cuckoo bumblebees Bombus (Psithyrus)
Approaches to original work: techniques and web resources
Further reading and references
Distribution maps

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