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The Life of Buzzards      Tilbud nå kr 249 – før kr 307 

Pris: 249
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The Life of Buzzards avslører gjennom omfattende studier det fascinerende livet til musvåken. Boken gir detaljerte fortellinger om hekkestklusen fra frieri til utfløyne unger.
Forlag/produsentWhittles Publishing
ForfatterPeter Dare
Antall sider320
Fotos - illustrasjonerRikt illustrert med bilder

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  • The fascinating lives of Buzzards are revealed from extensive studies over many years
  • A long overdue update of the natural history and ecology of the Common Buzzard
  • Provides detailed accounts of their breeding cycle from courtship until fledging of broods
  • Guidance provided on Buzzard breeding studies including interpretation of aerial  behaviour

This is a much-needed and authoritative account of Common Buzzards gained from extensive studies by the author over 60 years and also from enthusiasts in this country and across northern Europe.

The accounts describe the life history and ecology of Buzzards mainly inhabiting the British uplands where historically they have always been most numerous. For the first time, population activities are followed through successive seasonal stages of their life cycle. These include the vital and inter-related aspects of Buzzard territories and social behaviour, diets and hunting methods, food requirements, prey abundance and breeding success, survival and life spans and how Buzzard numbers and distribution have changed, particularly in relation to the influence of Man. The book also demonstrates how well Buzzards have adapted to living in our modern and rapidly-changing landscapes, constantly adapting their habits in response to prey resources and environmental conditions.

In the book’s first section, The Year of the Buzzard, the sequential changes in the composition and behaviour of a Buzzard community, their seasonal patterns of food habits and hunting methods, their breeding season from courtship until fledging of broods and their subsequent dispersal are outlined. The second section, Special Topics, provides greater detail of six key aspects of their ecology which are explored within the following chapter topics: Territory; Energy and Food Needs; Predation; Food Supply and Breeding Success; Demography and Population Dynamics; and Changes in Buzzard Abundance.

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