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Field Guide to the Birds of Madagascar

and the Indian Ocean Islands

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Field Guide to the Birds of Madagascar dekker hele den Gassiske regionensom omfatter den unike øya Madagaskar og de ulike øyer og øygrupper i Det indiske hav, inkludert Seychellene, Komorene og Mascarenes (Mauritius, Réunion, og Rodrigues)
ForfatterSafford, Skerrett, Hawkins
Antall sider336s
Fotos - illustrasjoner123 f-pl, utbredelseskart.

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About Birds of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands

The Malagasy region contains one of the most extraordinary concentrations of biodiversity in the world. Its recognition as a zoogeographic region in its own right has recently been confirmed, and, all taxa combined, the region was found to hold the second most distinct assemblage of vertebrates in the world after the Australian region, despite being the smallest of them all.

This new field guide from the Helm Field Guides series covers the whole of the Malagasy region, which comprises the unique island of Madagascar and the various islands and archipelagos of the Indian Ocean, including the Seychelles, Comoros, and Mascarenes (Mauritius, Réunion, and Rodrigues). Every resident and migrant species is covered in full detail with a color distribution map for each species. Vagrants are also treated in detail, and all species are illustrated on a beautiful series of 124 color plates, with artwork from John Gale and Brian Small. Conveniently, the plates have been arranged so that all the key species of the various archipelagos are placed together in sections.

This is a major work of reference on the birds of the region and will remain the standard text for many years to come.

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