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British Moths

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Boka illustrerer 871 "makromoths" og ca 1276 "mikros". Alle levende i naturlig hvilestillinger. Nyttig for norske forhold, da den også viser svært mange av de mest aktuelle artene hos oss.
ForfatterManley, Chris
Antall sider352s
Fotos - illustrasjoner3200 fotos

Med mer enn 3200 fargefotos er boka et nyttig supplement til å "finne artene" før man evt. Gjør nærmere oppslag i norske bøker eller på nettet.

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Fra forlagets egen informasjon

Packed with stunning photographs, this photographic guide is the most comprehensive collection of British moth images ever published. Over 3200 photographs create a visual feast that not only showcases the wealth and variety of moths in Britain and Ireland, but also provides an invaluable identification tool for experts and amateur naturalists alike. Uniquely, all the photographs are of living insects taken in natural conditions. The photographs are accompanied by a concise text that includes wingspans, status and distribution, flight periods, habitats and larval foodplants. This is the definitive photographic guide to British moths.

What's new in the 2nd edition (from the preface):
"When my editor, Nigel Redman, suggested considering a second edition I was thrilled. This would be the opportunity to build on the success of the first edition by adding a few new features.

First, I aimed to expand the coverage of the smaller moths considerably. Although many of these are not regularly seen as adults they can often be more readily identified by the feeding patterns left by the larvae in the food plant (the tiny adult Phyllonorycter acerifoliella on the front cover is easily spotted as a larva). Some of these mines are shown in the book. Others, such as the Coleophoridae, have larvae that build distinctive cases in which to travel around feeding. Second, the photographs have been rotated to achieve a similar alignment for ease of comparison. Third, each photo has a size bar beneath it, showing actual size. Finally, every resident species now has a distribution map which is an instant aid to identification. This new edition also gave me the chance to replace some of the pictures, either to take advantage of improvements in digital cameras or simply, as far as possible, to give the reader a brand new book.

In a nutshell, the new book has 2147 species, comprising 871 macros and 1276 micros. This is 800 more species than the last edition. The extras are mainly micros. For the first time, all resident species are mapped. On the minus side, the new edition omits butterflies and caterpillars, so the new edition is simply the most comprehensive collection of photos of British Moths ever assembled."

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