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Britain's Hoverflies

An Introduction to the Hoverflies of Britain, 2. utgave

Pris: 395
Frakt på varen: 59,-
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Boka tar for seg 165 arter fra representative familier.
Forlag/produsentPrinceton UP
ForfatterStuart Ball & Roger Morris
Antall sider312s
Fotos - illustrasjoner660 fargefotos, 162 fargekart, 53 tabeller

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Britain's Hoverflies is a beautifully illustrated photographic field guide to the hoverflies of Britain, focusing on the species that can be most readily identified. It is the perfect companion for wildlife enthusiasts, professional ecologists and anyone else with an interest in this fascinating group of insects, and is designed to appeal to beginners and experts alike.

Accessible, authoritative and easy to use, this book contains hundreds of remarkable photographs of the various life stages of those species that can be identified by eye or with a magnifying glass, with coverage of at least one representative from each of the British genera. It also features an essential guide to the hoverfly tribes. Detailed species accounts summarize the species' status, highlight the key identification features, provide notes on behaviour and habitat requirements and include flight-period charts and up-to-date distribution maps. Sections on hoverfly biology, where and when to look for hoverflies, legislation and conservation, photographing hoverflies, recording hoverflies and gardening for hoverflies are also included.

New to this edition:
- Fully updated to reflect latest taxonomy and nomenclature and to cover two species that have been recorded as new to Britain since the first edition.
- Text revised and updated to reflect new information and provide additional identification tips, reflecting feedback from readers of the first edition.
- New feature on polymorphism and other colour variations.
- New feature on the 36 most frequently photographed hoverfly species – ideal as an introduction to the subject as it highlights the species that are most likely to be observed. This section features stunning new photographs and is fully cross-referenced to the relevant pages where similar species are covered/illustrated.
- A new section on photographing hoverflies, providing invaluable tips for obtaining quality images that increase the chances of identifying the species.
- An additional brief overview of the use of data complied by the Hoverfly Recording Scheme.

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