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Bumblebees of Europe and Neighbouring Regions      Nyhet! 

Hymenoptera of Europe - 3

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Bumblebees of Europe and Neighbouring Regions - Hymenoptera of Europe - 3 tar for seg humler i Europa, Nord Afrika, Kaukasus og Midt-Østen med 79 arter.
Forlag/produsentNAP editions
ForfatterRasmont, P., Ghisbain, D., Terzo,M.
Antall sider632s
Fotos - illustrasjonerfargebilder og s/h strektegninger
SerieHymenoptera of Europe

Forlagets egen presentasjon:

This book provides a wealth of information on the bumblebees of Europe, northern Africa, the Caucasus and the Middle East, covering the most recent scientific advances.

Accessible to non-specialists, this is a reference guide to have in the field to discover the diversity of these magnificent pollinators.

This guide is the third volume of a series on Hymenoptera of Europe. A key allows the identification of the 14 subgenera of bumblebees present in this region. Then, for the first time, there are detailed identification keys for the 79 species of bumblebees found in Europe and neighbouring countries.

Each species is presented with all its geographic variations as well as with notes on its ecology, behaviour, flower preferences and conservation status.

Original photos are included for each of the West Palaearctic region species. Some extremely rare bumblebees are pictured for the very first time. The book also features many colour plates to help readers recognise over 240 forms and subspecies.

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