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The Moss Flora of Britain and Ireland

2nd Edition

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Boka beskriver de kjente 760 arter moser som er registrert i Storbritannia og Irland. Svært grundig gjennomgang over 1000 sider.
Forlag/produsentCambridge University Press
ForfatterSmith & Smith
Antall sider1024s
Fotos - illustrasjoner317 strekdiagram

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The Moss Flora of Britain and Ireland

This book describes and illustrates in detail the 763 species of mosses currently known to occur in the British Isles and incorporates the most up-to-date information available on classification and nomenclature, together with recent synonyms. The species descriptions provide information on frequency, ecology, geographical relationships and distribution, including information on protected species and those species at risk. For many species there are footnotes to aid identification. In addition to the species descriptions there are descriptions of families and genera and also introductory information on conservation, collection, preservation and examination of material, together with advice on using the keys. An artificial key to genera provides the only workable comprehensive key published in the English language. As a further aid to the user a list of English names for all British mosses is included, plus a comprehensive glossary and bibliography.

   This second edition incorporates the very considerable advances in knowledge of mosses made in the last quarter of the twentieth century. In this time eight species new to science have been described in Britain, 25 species not previously known in the British Isles have been discovered and taxonomic revisions have led to the addition of a further 51 species. Fourteen species have been removed, bringing the total number of species described to 763. Additionally, modern taxonomic methods have led to an increase in the number of genera from 175 to 214.

   This thoroughly updated and comprehensive Flora represents a unique resource for all those interested in this fascinating group of organisms

TONY SMITH received undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Lincoln College, Oxford, before embarking on a research and teaching career at the University Colleges of Swansea and Bangor. He became Reader in Botany at the University of Wales, Bangor in 1981, retiring from this post in 1999. His book publications include Bryophyte Ecology, The Liverworts of Britain and Ireland and Atlas of the Bryophytes of Britain and Ireland (with M. O. Hill and C. D. Preston). He was editor of Journal of Bryology for 14 years and Secretary of the British Bryological Society's distribution maps scheme for 30 years. He is currently an Honorary member of the British Bryological Society.

Preface to the second edition

Since the publication of the first edition in 1978, in which 693 species were described, there have been considerable advances in our knowledge of British and Irish mosses and in the taxonomy of critical groups such as Andreaea and the Hypnum cupressiforme, Racomitrium heterostichum, R. canescens and Schistidium apocarpum complexes. Since 1978, eight species new to science have been described in Britain, 25 species not previously known in the British Isles have been discovered and taxonomic revisions have led to the addition of a further 51 species. Fourteen species have been reduced to varieties of or to synonymy with other species or removed from the British list. This has resulted in an increase of 70 in the number of species making a total of 763.

   Additionally, critical studies of generic limits, as in the Amblystegiaceae and Pottiaceae, and DNA studies have led to a considerable increase in the number of genera - from 175 to 214 in the British Isles. There have also been major changes in the overall classification of mosses. Clearly, the first edition of this book was in dire need of updating. Apart from additions and taxonomic changes, the original descriptions of species have been revised and in some instances augmented and footnotes added or increased where thought necessary. The key to genera and keys to species have been revised in the light of experience since they were first published.

Llandudno, Conwy, March 2003

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