A Birdwatchers’ Guide to Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and the Caymans

Fuglelokalitetsgude til De store Antillene. Info om 80+ lokaliteter. Artslister for de ulike landene i øygruppen, som har 550 arter registrert og 100 endemer. I tillegg de viktige opplysningene med kart, overnatting osv.

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Serie:Prion Birdwatchers' Guide Series
Forfatter:Guy M. Kirwan, Arturo Kirkconnell, Mike Flieg

This guide covers the Greater Antilles, which comprises five groups of
islands and six countries. From Cuba, with about 360 species, to the Cayman
Islands with just over 220 species, the Greater Antilles have recorded just over
550 species and this total contains more than 100 single island endemics and
many more restricted range species making these islands a very attractive
proposition to the visiting birder.

The site accounts have details of location, birding strategy, accommodation and,
of course, the birds. More than 80 sites are detailed, many with accompanying
maps. A full species lists shows exactly what has been seen in each country, and
the selective list helps to target the best places to visit. As well as covering
the very best birding sites, the authors have also tried to include some
locations close to main holiday centres used by birders with families.