Aquatic Plants of Northern and Central Europe including Britain and Ireland

Aquatic Plants of Northern and Central Europe including Britain and Ireland er den første omfattende guiden til vannplantene i regionen.

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Varenummer: 860010 Kategorier: ,
Utgivelsesår: 2023-08
Antall sider: 752
Fotos – illustrasjoner: 1400+ fargefotos, 358 b/w illustrationer, utbredelseskart
Innbinding: Innbundet
ISBN: 9780691251011
Språk: Engelsk
Serie: WILDGuides
Forlag: Princeton UP
Forfatter: Jens Christian Schou, Bjarne Moeslund, Klaus van de Weyer, Richard V Lansdown, Gerhard Wiegleb, Peter Holm, Lars Baastrup-Spohr, Kaj Sand-Jensen

Beneath the surface of bodies of freshwater—springs, streams, rivers, ponds and lakes—there is a world of plants of great variety and beauty, a realm that is often poorly known and understood. Correctly identified, these plants can tell us much about the character and condition of the habitats in which they live. A collaboration of Danish, German, and British field botanists specializing in freshwater plants, this guide presents all of the known aquatic plants of Northern and Central Europe, including Britain and Ireland, as well as many marginal and wetland species.

This is the first comprehensive guide to the identification of the region’s 410 species and hybrids of both native and non-native ferns and flowering plants that are dependent upon freshwater wetlands. Following the latest taxonomy, the book features 358 plates in pen and ink, more than 1,400 colour photographs, illustrated keys, distribution maps and detailed descriptions. The introduction gives an overview of evolution, anatomy and morphology, ecology, eco-physiology, research traditions and more, and the book also includes guidelines for working with aquatic plants.

  • The first comprehensive guide to the region’s aquatic plants
  • Covers all 410 known species
  • Features 358 illustrated plates, more than 1,400 colour photographs, distribution maps, detailed descriptions and much more