Bees of Europe

Hymenoptera of Europe – 1

Bees of Europe – Hymenoptera of Europe -1 tar for seg biene i Europa med over 2000 arter over 77 slekter i klassifikasjonen brukt her.

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Antall sider:548
Fotos - illustrasjoner:70 plansjer med fargefoto, 233 s/h tegninger
Serie:Hymenoptera of Europe
Forlag:NAP editions
Forfatter:Denis Michez, Pierre Rasmont, Michaël Terzo, Nicolas J. Vereecken

This guide is the first volume of a series on Hymenoptera of Europe. In its first part a general presentation is given on their morphology, ecology, evolution and methods for establishing a collection of specimens. We also propose a key for the identification of all superfamilies recorded on the European continent.

The guide then develops a comprehensive review of knowledge on wild bees from Europe and neighbouring regions, taking the latest scientific advances into account. This diversity is divided into more than 2000 species distributed in 77 genera throughout the territory covered.

The book deals with the biology, morphology, ecology and conservation of European wild bees. It offers the first illustrated identification key for the 77 genera, as well as an exhaustive inventory of species and a complete description of representative examples of wild bees within each genus (morphology, ecology, distribution).