Birding Ethiopia

A guide to the country’s birding sites

Detaljert stedsguide for å oppleve Etiopias natur og fugleliv.

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Antall sider:256
Fotos - illustrasjoner:110 fotos, kart
Forlag:Lynx Edicions
Forfatter:Ken Behrens, Keith Barnes, Christian Boix

Interested in seeing some of Africa’s most
incredible endemic birds, from Stresemann’s Bush-Crow and Prince Ruspoli’s
Turaco to Rouget’s Rail and Spot-breasted Lapwing? What about the rugged
mountains of the ‘roof of Africa’, the continent’s most extensive highland
forests, endless bird-rich savannas, and some of Africa’s most spectacular
archaeological sites? If so, then Ethiopia is your destination, and this book
will guide you to the best birding sites in this remarkable country.

A far cry from the dull, text-heavy bird-finding
guides of the past, this book is copiously illustrated with over 110 spectacular
photos that show the region’s sweeping landscapes and unique birds. Even
someone with no interest in travel will enjoy this glimpse into the ancient
world of Abyssinia and its mysterious endemic birds. There are dozens of maps,
with parallel icons making reference to the text convenient. A section on the
specialties of Ethiopia helps in planning a trip, and a complete, indexed list
of the country’s birds, will aid in tracking your sightings once you arrive in
the country.