Birds and Flowers

An Intimate 50 Million Year Relationship

Birds and Flowers gir et omfattende innblikk i pollinatorfuglenes mangfold, hvor de finnes og hvordan de samhandler med plantene de pollinerer.

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Utgivelsesår: 2024-01
Antall sider: 336
Fotos – illustrasjoner: Fargeplansjer
Innbinding: Innbundet
ISBN: 9781784274511
Språk: Engelsk
Forlag: Pelagic Publishing
Forfatter: Jeff Ollerton

Produsentens informasjon:

Hummingbirds, and the balletic ways in which they feed on flowers, are familiar to most people. But they belong to just one of at least 74 bird families that are known, or suspected, to be pollinators. Relationships between plants and birds first emerged at least 50 million years ago and over time have influenced the evolution of both groups.

This groundbreaking book is the first to deal with pollinating birds in all their diversity, involving almost 1,390 avian species interacting with tens of thousands of different plants. It rescues them from being novelties of natural history and explores these interactions in all their evolutionary and ecological significance. Pollinating birds have intricate lives that are often highly dependent on flowers, and the plants themselves are at the whim of birds for their reproduction. This makes them important players within many ecosystems, including tropical rainforests, dry grasslands, temperate woodlands, coastal mangroves and oceanic islands.

Bird–flower relationships are threatened by disease, habitat destruction and climate change. Some of the birds are already extinct. Yet there are optimistic stories to be told about conservation and restoration projects that reveal the commitment of people to preserving these vital ecological connections. In addition, as a source of cultural inspiration with a history stretching back millennia, pollinating birds and their flowers are part of the ongoing relationship between humanity and the rest of nature.