Birds New to Science

Fifty Years of Avian Discoveries

Birds New to Science dokumenterer mer enn et halvt århundre med rundt 300 fuglearter som er nye for vitenskapen.

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Antall sider:416
Fotos - illustrasjoner:300 f-foto
Serie:Helm Photographic Guide Series
Forlag:Bloomsbury Publishing
Forfatter:David Brewer

Amazing as it might sound, ornithologists are still discovering several bird species each year that are completely new to science. These aren’t all obscure brown birds on tiny islands – witness the bizarre Bare-faced Bulbul from Laos (2009), spectacular Araripe Manakin from Brazil (1998), or gaudy Bugun Liocichla from north-east India (2006).

Birds New to Science documents more than half a century of these remarkable discoveries, covering around 300 species. Each account includes the story of discovery, a brief description of the bird (many with accompanying photographs), and details of what is known about its biology, range and conservation status.

Written in an engaging style, this is a rich reference to an incredible era of adventure in ornithology.