Birdwatchers’ Year

Poyser Monographs

Fugledagbøker fra seks ornitologer gjennom seks år.

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Serie:Poyser Monographs
Forfatter:Leo Batten, Jeremy Sorensen, Mike J. Wareing, Donald Watson

Digitalt nytrykk av original fra 1973 (print on demand)

Forlagets egne omtale:

Year is, in essence, six ‘years’ of bird activity and behaviour as recorded,
month by month, by six experienced bird watchers and ornithologists. The result
is a fascinating compilation of fact, anecdote and general observation as seen
and noted by the authors, that will appeal to birdwatchers at all levels of

The habitats (Brent Reservoir in NW London, a Kentish woodland, the Ouse Washes
in Cambridgeshire, farmland in Derbyshire, a mountain region of SW Scotland, and
an island, the Calf of Man) encompass a wide and varied range of breeding,
resident and passage birds, but the authors’ observations are not confined to
bird life alone – there are comments and ‘asides’ on many aspects of
natural history and wildlife, weather and seasons, conservation and ecology.

Each author has brought an individual approach to his ‘diary’ with the
result that they are entertainingly diverse in style, content and viewpoint. The
common factor throughout is an affectionate regard for the subject, an intimate
knowledge of the habitat, and an evident understanding and knowledge of the
birds and their environment.

The diarists are: Leo Batten, Research Officer at the British Trust for
Ornithology; Dr Jim Flegg, Director of the BTO; Jeremy Sorensen, RSPB Warden of
the Ouse Washes; Donald Watson, bird artist and past-President of the Scottish
Ornithologists’ Club; Mike J. Wareing, farmer; Malcolm Wright, Warden of the
Calf of Man Bird Observatory.

The diaries are illustrated with line drawings by Ian Willis, except for that of
Donald Watson, which is illustrated by its author. The bookjacket illustrations
are by Ian Willis.