Master of Survival

Bobcat – Master of Survival er en monografi som forteller historien om en av de best tilpassningsdyktige kattedyrene i vår moderne verden. Den amerikanske rødgaupa. Sammenfattende om adferd, biologi og forvaltning. Første faglige faktabok på 40 år.

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Forfatter:Kevin Hansen
  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date book to appear in forty years on the natural history and management of bobcats
  • Describes the stark difference between furbearer management and game management: that furbearer management is motivated by profit. In the case of bobcats, profit motive is a far greater influence than science in the management of the species.
  • Touches on the highly controversial subject of fur trapping. Is wildlife a commodity to be exploited or a community to which we belong? This shift in cultural values is at the heart of the controversy.
Bobcat: Master of Survival tells the story of the most adaptable and resilient wild feline in the world. While half the wild cat species worldwide are in danger, the bobcat is thriving, even expanding its range in North America. Why are bobcats flourishing when so many other wild felines are advancing towards extinction? The book explains how scientists apply the latest in wildlife research technology to probe this diminutive predator’s habits and behavior. The reader is invited inside the bobcat’s world to see how they hunt, kill prey, raise their young, coexist with humans, and deftly navigate the endless obstacles to survival.

The bobcat is both the most studied and the most exploited wild feline in the world. Millions have been killed for the fur trade. They were the focus of major controversy in the 1970s that transformed international conservation of wild felines. The book discusses how economics and politics play a far greater role in bobcat management and conservation than does science. Bobcat is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on the natural history and management of bobcats to appear in 40 years.

Readership: Lay audience that wants to learn more about wildlife natural history, and possibly wildlife professionals. Wildlife biologists, wildlife managers, academics, researchers, federal land managers, wildlife refuge managers, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, park rangers, park managers, nature center directors, professional naturalists, wildlife conservation nonprofits, zoo keepers, environmental organizations, animals rights groups, ranchers, farmers, animal control officers, amateur naturalists, and anyone who wants solid and accessible natural history