Bresser HD Kamera Deep-Sky & Guider – 1,25″ til stjernekikkert

Kamera til teleskop med 1,25″ diameter okular. Her kan du ta bilder opp til 1936×1096 punkter, og video opp til 1936×1096 15bps. Kamera kommuniserer med PC via USB 2.0 og krever PC med Windows.

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Start now with digital astrophotography and capture the Sky with the brand new BRESSER Full HD Deep-Sky Camera with Autoguider. That»s absolutely new: Great camera for multiple types of astro imaging and for guiding. Not only suitable for planets but also for deep-sky objects like galaxies, nebulae and clusters. Dedicated astro imaging software ToupSky to support video preview, video record, video processing, image capture and process, dark field correction and raw data output. Easy to use but with tools of the professionals.

One of the main characteristics of the new back-illuminated SONY IMX290 CMOS sensor is the high sensitivity to light which makes it possible to capture also deep-sky objects without active cooling. SONY has increased the quantum efficiency up to 77% at 533nm wavelength which is much better than other CEMOS sensors could achieve in the past.

Connect this camera with the build-in ST-4 port direct to your telescope mount and take pictures also with long exposures times of several minutes. Now you have always a suitable guiding star available because of the extra light-sensitve camera also at short exposure times. ST-4 connecting cable is also included. Easy automatic tracking at it»s best.

You can use this camera with any guiding-telescopes or off-axis-guider which accept a 1,25″ barrel, 1,25″ filter thread (M28.5×0.6) or c-mount adapter thread (1″x1/32″).



  • Camera type: BRESSER/Touptek GPCMOS02000KPA color
  • Sensor: SONY IMX290 CMOS color , back-illuminated
  • Image and video size: Full HD 1936 x 1096 Pixel (video 15 FPS)
  • Native sensor size in pixel: 1936 x 1096
  • Exposure times: 66µs bis 16min
  • Binning: YES , 2×2
  • Megapixel: 2,1 MP
  • Sensor size in mm: 5,6 x 3,1
  • Pixel size: 2,9 µm x 2,9 µm
  • Bit depth: 8/12 switchable
  • ST-4 compatible autoguider: YES
  • CNC machined housing made from Aluminum
  • Protection strap at camera housing
  • Camera barrel diameter: 1,25″ ( 31,7mm)
  • Camera connecting thread: C-Mount + 1,25″ filter thread
  • Computer interface: USB 2.0
  • Extension tube 1,25″ included
  • No IR cut filter installed
  • Operating system: WINDOWS 7, 8 and 10
  • ASCOM driver included

Field of view for various focal lengths in mm (listed in arcminutes):

  • 400 mm – 48,2’x 27,3′
  • 500 mm – 38,6’x 21,8′
  • 600 mm – 32,1’x 18,2′
  • 700 mm – 27,5’x 15,6′
  • 800 mm – 24,1’x 13,6′
  • 900 mm – 21,4’x 12,1′
  • 1000 mm – 19,3’x 10,9′
  • 1250 mm – 15,4’x 8,7′
  • 1500 mm – 12,9’x 7,3′
  • 1750 mm – 11,0’x 6,2′
  • 2000 mm – 9,6’x 5,5′

In the box:

  • Full HD Camera
  • C-Mount adapter
  • USB 2.0 PC connecting cable with 200cm length
  • Interface cable for ST-4 Autoguider port with 150cm length
  • Dust cap for camera barrel
  • Software CD