Buteo Baghide lettvekt fotokamuflasje – Light Weight

Praktisk fotokamuflasje. Har du funnet et bra sted på tur trenger bare å hive baghide over deg og sette objektivet rett i objektivhullet. Etter noen sekunder er du borte i omgivelsene og klar til å ta noen flotte bilder.

kr 999

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Varenummer: 170505-x Kategori:
Materiale: Polyester
Dimensjoner (cm): 155.5 x 180
EAN: 8719324224796

Is a hiding tent too much for you and do you want something more mobile to camouflage yourself?

In this case our baghide seems to be the solution: a mobile hiding tent without a frame or sticks and easily to use. The baghide is provided with our homemade forest pattern and is black coated from the inside. This helps you to keep the smell inside the bag and it also hold against light so you won’t be visible for animals.

Have you found a good spot? Than you only have to put the baghide around you and put the lens true the lens hole. After a few seconds you are ready to make some wonderful pictures.

We have thought well about the wearing comfort and we have made the baghide so it will rest on your head and it has an extra carry ring. Thanks to that, the baghide won’t move and your sight will be great on the animals.

Material: polyester
Measures: 155.5 cm x 180 cm
Weight: 700 gram (WxL)