Cotingas and Manakins

Behandler alle 160 artene i disse to spektakulære Sør-Amerikanske fuglefamiliene.

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Antall sider:624
Fotos - illustrasjoner:35 f-pl., 100+ f-fo, 160 f-kart
Serie:Helm Identification Guide Series
Forfatter:Guy M Kirwan, Graeme Green

Produsentens omtale:

book looks in detail at two families of South American birds, the cotingas and
manakins, perhaps the most colourful of all neotropical bird groups, and widely
regarded as the South American equivalent of New Guinea’s Birds of Paradise. The
book is a synthesis of the very latest research into the identification,
taxonomy and behaviour of each of the 160 species, along with detailed colour
maps, several hundred previously unpublished colour photographs, and Eustace
Barnes’s stunning colour plates.

Guy Kirwan is an ornithologist and tour-leader, based partly in the UK and
partly in Brazil. He was a founder of the Neotropical Bird Club and has edited
its journal Cotinga since 1997. He is
also Editor of the prestigious Bulletin of the
British Ornithologists’ Club
. Graeme Green is a widely travelled birder
with a long-standing interest in cotingas.