Crossbill Guides Provence

and Camargue – France

Crossbill Guides Provence er en naturguide til Provence og Camargue i Frankrike. Provence er den regionen med mest dyreliv i Frankrike. Enten du ser på floraen og faunaen i detalj eller bare tar er overblikk over landskapet er hver del av denne regionen forskjellig.

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Utgivelsesår: 2020-04
Antall sider: 256
Fotos – illustrasjoner: Rikt illustrert i farger
Innbinding: Heftet
ISBN: 9789491648168
Språk: Engelsk
Serie: Crossbill Guides
Forlag: KNNV Publishing
Forfatter: Dirk Hilbers, Constant Swinkels, Albert Vliegenthart

Forlagets omtale

The Crossbill Guides Provence covers a variety of National Parks and nature reserves in southeast France. From the bird-rich Camargue and steppe plain of La Crau it follows the Côte d’Azur east to Nice and the interior of Provence up to the Mont Ventoux.

As all Crossbill Guides, the book describes the landscape, ecology, flora and fauna of the region extensively. Over half of the guide is reserved for 24 detailed route descriptions and numerous sites, plus observation tips and general tourist information.

  • Landscape history
  • Ecosystems
  • Geology
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Where to watch birds
  • Finding butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles, orchids and other wildflowers
  • 24 detailed routes with observation tips and 20 site descriptions

Region covered by this guide

Crossbill Guides Provence covers the French region of the Provence and part of Bouches-du-Rhone. More precisely, it covers the land between Montpellier in the west to Nice in the east. The northern border is roughly the line linking Nîmes, Bollène and Digne. In the south, the book covers the entire coastline, including the islands off the coast of Hyères.
There are many nature reserves in this area, all of which are all covered in this guide. The main natural areas are: Camargue, La Crau, les Alpilles (in the southwest), les Calanques, Massif des Maures and Îles Port-cros in the south, the Grand Canyon du Verdon in the north and the Vaucluse and Mont Ventoux in the north-west.

Practical guide

The Crossbill Guide is a thorough and practical guide for naturalists and nature lovers. It offers background information and detailed routes and site descriptions, plus tips on finding and watching all kinds of wildlife. Each route offers detailed descriptions of where and how to find wildlife and wildflowers and shows you the characteristics of the landscape and geology. The book offers a mix of walking routes and car itineraries with stops and short walks. Although some are challenging, all the walks in this book are designed to explore the landscape and find birds and wildlife rather than simply covering ground.

About Provence and Camargue

The Provence is the richest wildlife region of France. There are the spectacular, bird-filled wetlands of the Camargue, but right next to them lies the arid, almost desert-like plateau of La Crau. Then there are the sizzling hot Mediterranean hillsides and the inviting clear seas of the Cote d’Azur. Just a little inland you can marvel at the fairylike, gnarled beech forests on the north slopes and the flower and butterfly rich subalpine plateaux in the mountains. All of this variety is present within the small region of the Provence.

About the authors

Dirk Hilbers (The Netherlands, 1976), set up the Crossbill Guides Foundation and travels Europe
to research the guidebooks. This is the 27th guide on which he worked. When not in the field, Dirk Hilbers is a lecturer of environmental ethics at the University of Amsterdam.
Constant Swinkels (The Netherlands, 1995) has been a naturalist from the moment he was able to hold a pair of binoculars hence his academic specialism in ecology. His interests are broad – from birds to wildflowers and butterflies to reptiles. Constant specialises in vegetation ecology and (co-)authored the routes, the bird section and the ecological chapters of this book. This is the first Crossbill Guide on which Constant has worked.
Albert Vliegenthart (The Netherlands, 1975) works at ‘De Vlinderstichting’ – the Dutch butterfly conservancy and is a butterfly and dragonfly specialist, as well as being a keen birdwatcher. Albert has (co-)authored the routes and contributed to the insect and bird sections of this book.