Field Guide to East African Reptiles

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Field Guide to East African Reptiles inkluderer hver og en av de 492 artene i regionen.

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Antall sider:624
Fotos - illustrasjoner:600+ f-fotos, kart
Forlag:Bloomsbury Publishing
Forfatter:Stephen Spawls, Kim M. Howell, Harald Hinkel, Michele Menegon

East Africa is home to a remarkable assemblage of reptiles, from crocodiles and chameleons to turtles and tortoises, lizards, worm-lizards, and a stunning array of snakes. The region is a true herpetological hot-spot.

This second edition, a fully revised version of the classic field guide to the region’s reptiles, explores the full diversity of these animals. With updated text (well over 100 species have had their generic names changes since publication of the first edition), coverage of an additional 60 species, detailed maps and more than 600 new photographs, Field Guide to East African Reptiles includes every one of the 492 species in the region. All are described and mapped, with virtually every species accompanied by at least one colour photograph.

Comprehensive and definitive, Field Guide to East African Reptiles is an essential tool for all naturalists, conservationists, educators, field workers, medical personnel and students in the region.