Finding Birds in North-west Turkey

Med stedsguide for triangelet mellom Istanbul, Ankare og Izmir. Inkludert Marmara lakes rundt Bursa.

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Serie:Dave Gosney's Finding Birds Series
Forfatter:Dave Gosney

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North-west Turkey used to be one of the most popular destinations for European birders but nowadays the fashion is to travel much further into Turkey for even more exotic species. However, this is still an exceptional area with breeding species such as Green Warbler, Red-fronted Serin, Kruper’s Nuthatch, Black Vulture, Imperial Eagle, White-throated Robin and the western race of Cinereous Bunting. This book gives precise details of where all these birds can be found and guides you to terrific wetlands such as Lake Apolyont, Buyuk Cekmece Lake and Nallihan Kus Cenetti.

he following sites are all included Finding Birds in North-west Turkey.

Istanbul – including the best vantage points for watching the raptor migration, a great site for viewing Yelkouan Shearwaters in peace, and a specific site for watching Semi-collared Flycatcher, Grey-headed and Middle Spotted Woodpeckers in the Belgrade Forest.

Lake Terkos – how to find the best birding spots at both ends of the lake

Buyuk Cekmece lake – details of the best birding spots which AREN’T actually on the lake itself

Lake Apolyont – a truly exceptional wetland site with hundreds of Pygmy Cormorants and both species of pelican

Lake Manyas – where to see the breeding herons and pelicans from an observation tower or get close to birds in other parts of the lake

Kocacay delta – a great little patch for looking for migrants

Uludag – the mountain overlooking Bursa has sites for Kruper’s Nuthatch, Red-fronted Serin and Horned Lark

The Menemen hills – exactly where to og to find birds such as White-throated Robin and the western race of Cinereous Bunting

Izmir Kus Cenetti – an extensive wetland area but the best birding is NOT at the nature reserve itself.

Nellihan Kus Cenetti – an exceptional wetland with wall-to-wall birds to enjoy

Beypazari – great birding in the hills for species such as Egyptian Vulture and White-throated Robin

Kibriscik – Black Vulture and Lammergeier may be found here

Abant Golu – a picturesque site where the breeding birds include Green Warbler, Kruper’s Nuthatch and Common Rosefinch

Gerede plain – an exceptional area for raptors, especially eagles and vultures. This is the best area in Turkey for Imperial Eagles.

Sogucksu National Park – tree-covered hills with breeding Black Vulture and Black Stork and regular Lammergeiers. Kruper’s Nuthatches in the woods.