Finding Birds in the Gambia

Hefte med stedsguider for å finne områdets mer spesielle arter. Ny utgave med nytegnede kart, ny tekst og lokaliteter beskrevet.

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Serie:Dave Gosney's Finding Birds Series
Forfatter:Dave Gosney

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Finding Birds in the Gambia

Gambia is a fabulous birdwatching destination but many birders who og there miss out on some of the very best sites. This is the book you need to make sure that doesn’t happen to you! It describes the best places to visit, not just around the popular tourist hotels but also further afield including many miles upriver.

No other book highlights the best sites so clearly and tells you exactly where to og, in such detail and with such precise maps. It includes:

  • Full details of where to find birds such as African Finfoot, Black-crowned Crane, Egyptian Plover, 4-banded Sandgrouse, Sudan Golden Sparrow, Allen’s Gallinule and many more
  • Up-to-date, accurate maps for every site, more detailed and precise than any others
  • Brand new information based mostly on Dave’s recent visit to the Gambia
  • A thorough review of other published material including literally hundreds of pages of recent trip reports published on the internet
  • GPS co-ordinates for each site so you know exactly where to turn-off or where to park

Finding Birds in the Gambia – there’s a DVD too
Many of the sites in this book are also featured in a DVD of the same title. There is simply no better way of finding out what a place is REALLY like before you actually og there. The DVD gives you a real ‘feel’ for each area.  All the birds (over 140 species!) were filmed on a High-Definition video camera so you’ll want to enjoy them again and again.