Fungi Europaei Vol. 13

Strophariaceae s.l.

Monografi over skivesoppene Strophariaceae med blant annet skjellsopp, svovelsopp og kragesopp.

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Varenummer: 863878 Kategorier: ,
Antall sider:648
Fotos - illustrasjoner:377 fargebilder og 43 mikrografier
Serie:Fungi Europae
Forlag:Edizoni Candusso
Forfatter:Machiel E. Noordeloos

Fra forlagets egen omtale:

The history and the classification of the Strophariaceae are described by the Author that also includes molecular phylogenetic studies and morphological characters used for delimitation of taxa.

The volume deals with the species of the genera:

  • Stropharia
  • Leratiomyces
  • Hemistropharia
  • Hypholoma
  • Deconica
  • Psilocybe
  • Pholiota
  • Flammula
  • Hemipholiota
  • Kuehneromyces
  • Meottomyces
  • Phaeonematoloma

All the species described are accompanied by beautiful micrographs and by color photographs of many European mycologists. In additions there are notes about some doubts taxa, insufficiently known and therefore usually excluded.

2011, 648 pages, italian and english text, size 245mm x 180 mm, 43 micrographs in B/W, 377 color photos. ISBN 978-88-905310-0-2