Handbook of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises

Feltbok med verdens hvaler, delfiner og niser. Flotte fargeplansjer og bilder behandler i detalj identifikasjon. Omhandler alle verdens 90 arter og alle underarter i verden.

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Antall sider:528
Fotos - illustrasjoner:1000 fargeill. og fargefotos
Forlag:Bloomsbury Publishing
Forfatter:Mark Carwardine

Forlagets omtale

This outstanding new handbook to whales, dolphins and porpoises is the most comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date guide to these popular mammals. With nearly 1,000 accurate illustrations – complete with detailed annotations pointing out the most significant field marks – this new handbook covers all 90 species and every subspecies in the world.

Many of the world’s most respected whale biologists have collaborated on the concise text, which is packed with helpful identification tips from cetacean expert, Mark Carwardine. Mark’s informative text is accompanied by up-to-date distribution maps and photographs for each species. Beautifully designed, to ensure critical information is quickly accessible, this is an indispensable resource that every whale-watcher will want to carry out to sea.