Hawks at a Distance

Identification of Migrant Raptors

Boka omhandler identifikasjon av 29 rovfuglarter i Nord-Amerika, med fokus på å kunne identifisere artene på avstand.

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Antall sider:216
Fotos - illustrasjoner:558 fargefotos og 896 svarthvit ill.
Forlag:Princeton UP
Forfatter:Pete Dunne, Jerry Liquori

The ultimate must-have guide for identifying migrant raptors, Hawks at a
is the first volume to focus on distant raptors as they are truly
seen in the field. Jerry Liguori, a leading expert on North American raptors,
factors in new information and approaches for identifying twenty-nine species of
raptor in various lighting situations and settings. The field guide’s nineteen
full-color portraits, 558 color photos, and 896 black-and-white images portray
shapes and plumages for each species from all angles. Useful flight
identification criteria are provided and the accompanying text discusses all
aspects of in-flight hawk identification, including flight style and behavior.
Concentrating on features that are genuinely observable at a distance, this
concise and practical field guide is ideal for any aspiring or experienced hawk


  • The first guide to focus on distant raptors as they are viewed in the

  • New information and approaches for identifying distant raptors
  • Illustrates twenty-nine species in various lighting situations and

  • 558 color photos and 896 black-and-white images depicting plumage and
    shape characteristics

  • All aspects of in-flight hawk identification, including flight style and


Jerry Liguori has been studying raptors throughout North America since
1984. He has conducted hawk migration counts at spring and fall migration sites,
such as Cape May Point, Sandy Hook, Derby Hill, Braddock Bay, Whitefish Point,
and Dinosaur Ridge, and the Goshute, Wasatch, and Sandia mountains. He is the
author of Hawks from Every Angle (Princeton).


"Jerry Liguori’s book takes the hawk identification guide to a whole new
level. It is hard to imagine the amount of time that went into this
book–countless hours on mountaintops and other hawk-watching sites taking the
photographs, then selecting and arranging them. The result is simply the best
collection of hawk ID photos ever assembled, combined with Liguori’s clear and
concise identification tips. This book is a gold mine of information for anyone
interested in hawk identification."–David Sibley, author of The Sibley
Guide to Birds

"Liguori has done it again. Fresh on the heels of his highly acclaimed Hawks
from Every Angle
, we now have the new Hawks at a Distance. He never
missed a beat. Not only did he pick up where he left off, he has taken it to a
higher plane. This twenty-first-century offering does for raptors what the
seminal Ducks at a Distance did for waterfowl in the mid-twentieth century. It
makes a quantum leap in the complex art and science of hawk identification,
taming these shape-shifters like never before."–Clay Sutton, coauthor of Hawks
in Flight

"Jerry Liguori presents an innovative concept tackling the age-old
problem of identifying flying raptors when seen under field-viewing conditions.
Optimal grasp of each species and age class is obtained with a multitude of
photographs depicting various flight modes and lighting conditions of dorsal,
ventral, and head-on views. The concise text is easy to read and very
informative. Liguori’s field identification prowess is impeccable and is
articulated throughout this guide."–Brian K. Wheeler, author of Raptors
of Western North America
and Raptors of Eastern North America