Kamuflasje stoltelt – One Man Chair Hide

Stolteltet er et avlangt kamuflasjetelt med innebygget stol. Teltet som vel primært er laget for jaktsituasjoner er velegnet for naturfoto og for eksempel tiurleik. Plugger følger med.

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Bunnmål (cm): 80×110
Høyde (cm): 135
Vekt (kg): 5,3

Positive og negative sider med stoltelt.
+ Skjul og stol i en del.

+ Komfortabelt sete for lengre økter.

+ Enkelt og raskt å sette opp.

+ Kraftig, men enkel konstruksjon.

+ Koppholder i stolen.

+ Godt kamuflert utside, belagt svart innvendig.

– Åpning kun i front.

Developed by nature photographers

The One Man Chair Hide was developed by nature and wildlife photographers: tested and adjusted through many years.
It’s easy to fold and unfold this hide, the strong construction guarantees years of enjoyment from this photo hide.
Get the hide out of the bag, and in a minute you are ready to start your photo session!

Perfect camouflage

If you are often out in the field, you will soon realise that birds and mammals are very shy of people. Not surprising when you consider that these animals have been hunted almost everywhere for centuries.
Camouflaging yourself and your gear with a photographic hide is the best solution for successful wildlife photography, the basic idea is that the animals no longer see or recognise us as humans, and therefore do not feel threatened.
On the outside, this photo tent is perfectly camouflaged using our own homemade forest print, on the inside the canvas is black coated as with all our tents to make it as dark as possible.
photo hide, Buteo Photo Gear

Perfekt kamuflasje
Perfekt kamuflasje

Easy, quick and mobile

The advantage of having your own portable hide is that you can take it with you anytime, anywhere and deploy it quickly when an opportunity arises.
This hide carries its own chair, so all in one!

Prepare and pitch

The one man chair hide is perfect at an occasional encounter because it’s easy and fast to put up. But it’s important too to know the area well where you want to shoot, so you can put your tent at the best spot.
​Try to make use of the existing vegetation to blend in the surrounding as much as possible. For additional camouflage you can use branches, reeds or leafs (please do not break off live branches or plants), or use one a camouflage net.
The hide comes with four ground pins in case you want to secure it extra.

Imagine yourself waiting in your hide, perfectly still, well prepared and ready for action! Suddenly a deer, wild boar, or a woodpecker shows up just the way you planned. It is very exciting when you succeed as your target species shows up in front of you. For wildlife and nature photographers nothing beats the feeling of taking nice shots of birds and wildlife, making it worth waiting.
At that moment it is nice to rely on your gear and equipment!
photo hide, Buteo Photo Gear

About the hide

The fabric is strong (Polyester 150D) and is well camouflaged, on the inside it’s black coated to make sure it is as dark as possible once you are in the tent.
In the hide you can sit down comfortable, have your gear in front of you and put your bag beneith you on the floor.
The photo window can be opened small or wide, and there is even the option of opening a large window wide in front. There is an insect net with camouflage print over the entire front opening, which can be (partially) opened on all sides by means of Velcro. There are viewing windows on all sides.
Make use of the build-in cup holder to make yourself even more comfortable.

So, if you’re looking for a perfect single photo hide with a chair mounted, easy to take on your trip, sets up in seconds, the One Man Chair Hide is the perfect choice for you!

Experiences from our specialists

✔ Very fast and easy setup.

✔ Couldn’t be easier to use with ‘all in one’ system.

✔ Fully open or small open front.

✔ Strong fabric that can take a beating.

✔ Many viewing windows.

✔ Invisible because of the dark coated inside.

Standard delivery

One Man Chair Hide
Storage bag (Backpack style)
Small bag for pegs

Specification Description
Person 1 Person hide
Design outside See description/title.
Design inside Black coated.
Material frame Metal
Construction Chair and hide in one.
Length 110 cm.
Width 80 cm.
Height 135 cm.
Fabric Polyester 150D.
Water-resistant Hydrostatic head 2.500 mm.
Photo windows front 1x at eye level, size adjustable
Viewing windows front 1x, eye level
Viewing windows right 1x at eye level
Viewing windows left 1x at eye level
Viewing windows back 1x at eye level
Weight 5.3 kg.
Delivered including See description