Leica okular 25-50x WW ASPH, for 65 og 82mm teleskop

Leicas 25-50x setter en ny standard for zoomokularer med betydelig økning av synsfelt og randskarphet sammenlignet med egne og andres okularer. Utvridbar gummiert okularkappe og langt øyerelieff gir høy synskomfort også for brillebrukere.

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Varenummer: 121004 Kategori:
Vekt (g):390
Dimensjoner (mm):100x57,5
Synsfelt (m) v/ 1000m:41-28
Øyeavstand (mm):17
Vanntett:Ja (3m), nitrogenfylt

Produsentens egen omtale

Full compatibility

For the first time, a unique variable wide-angle eyepiece is complimenting the eyepiece range. Its performance data speaks for itself : 25 – 50 x WW ASPH. with a subjective field of view of more than 60° across the entire zoom range. Consequently, Leica enables viewing experiences which are unique on this scale. The newly developed interchangeable bayonet system has an integrated, automatic eyepiece lock, which fixes all eyepieces securely to the scope. Thanks to the entirely new construction of the optical system, the eyepiece’s focal length is now also independent of the 65 mm or 82 mm scope being used, and is retained when the eyepieces are changed. The eyepiece has new, rubberised function elements and comfortable rotating eyecups, which significantly increases comfort when viewing. As a result, the eyepiece is particularly good to get hold of and also easy to handle when wearing gloves. The eyepiece is waterproofed up to 3 metres. The new variable wide-angle eyepiece 25 – 50 x WW ASPH. is supplied with all APO models and is also available individually as an accessory.