Make Your Own Bird Food

Simple Recipes to Entice Birds to Your Garden

Make Your Own Bird Food viser deg hvordan du kan lage den best likte fuglematen, som gjør at din fuglefôring vil bli ettertraktet av fuglene. Her får du 40 raske, enkle og rimelige oppskrifter på fuglemat.

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Birds are the life and soul of any garden, whatever its size or location, and one thing can be guaranteed: if food is on offer, birds will visit.

With this in mind, Make Your Own Bird Food brings you some of the most popular and successful bird food recipes ever served up, ensuring your bird feeder or table will be the toast of avian gourmet for years to come.

With 40 quick, easy and cheap meal ideas and a range of useful cookery tips and helpful hints on what to feed and when, it won’t be long before you’ll have birds flocking to your garden.


The Importance of Feeding
Core Ingredients
Seeds and Pulses
Bread and Buns, Pancakes and Peanut Butter
Fruit and Veg
Super Squidgy Suet
Further Reading
Useful Addresses