Man and Wildfowl

Poyser Monographs

Boken tar grundig for seg menneskets forhold til ender, gjess og svaner, både i dag og opp gjennom historien.

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Serie:Poyser Monographs
Forfatter:Janet Kear

Digitalt nytrykk av original fra 1990 (print on demand)

Forlagets egne omtale:

involvement of humans with ducks, geese and swans has probably been closer than
with any other group of birds, today and for several millenia past. This
involvement, in its many aspects, is the theme of this compelling and readable
account by an Assistant Director of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

Dr Kear ranges widely, from a summary of the taxonomy and natural history of
wildfowl, through a history of domestication world wide, to wildfowling, decoys,
conservation and captive breeding, conflicts with agriculture, and wildfowl in
legend and literature. Throughout, the text abounds with little-known facts and
insights to intrigue the general reader and expert alike – a reflection of the
author’s wide reading and affection for her subject.